About This Site

Python GIS Resources is a catalogue of open-source GIS-related packages for the Python programming language. This list has been collected by scouring different corners of the web and from the suggestions of experienced contributors to make it easier to find the resources needed to do geospatial work in Python.

In my years of doing open-source GIS work in Python I have come across many blog, forum, and website posts that provide help, guidelines, and useful links to get started with geospatial Python programming. However, many of these are only one-time-posts, focusing only on a few popular resources, and has information and links that can sometimes be out-of-date.

To fill this information-gap, I decided to set up Python GIS Resources, a website dedicated to serving as a one-stop information and resource-hub for doing geographic and spatial work in the Python programming language. Specifically, this website/blog seeks to:

  • Keep an exhaustive list of geospatial Python modules/packages/libraries, and to organize these according to what they do.
  • Provide installation links and notes for each module along with demonstrations and example codes, particularly since many of them can be quite tricky to install or use.
  • Occasionally make a post on the front/blog page that features more in-depth a certain geospatial package, or just comment about something exciting that is open-source Python-GIS related.
  • Overall just serve as a guide to people wanting to get started or explore further the world of open-source geospatial programming in Python.

The ultimate purpose and philosophy of this website is to make open-source geospatial Python programming resources more accessible, easier to get started with and understand, and more fun to use!


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