PyNIO is a Python module used for reading and writing files in several different data formats, including netCDF, netCDF 4, GRIB1, GRIB2, HDF 4, HDF-EOS 2 and HDF-EOS5, and CCM history files.


Geo sampling

Say you want to learn about the average number of potholes per kilometer of street in a city. Or estimate a similar such quantity. To estimate the quantity, you need to sample locations on the streets. This package helps you sample those locations.


The gisrastertools is a python module that provides a fast and flexible tool to work with GIS raster files. It includes tools to

  • Given a point (lat,lon) find its location in a raster
  • Aggregate rasters to lower resolutions
  • Align two rasters of different sizes to common area and size
  • Get all the geographical information of raster
  • Create GeoTiff files easily
  • Load GeoTiff files as masked numpy rasters

Book offer – 50% off

I’ve just been contacted by Packt Publishing that they will be running a 50% off special offer on my book “Python Geospatial Development Essentials”:


The book’s focus is on developing your own desktop GIS including a graphical user interface using open source Python tools, with a special emphasis on keeping it lightweight and portable and using the builtin Tkinter GUI toolkit. It covers the entire process, both vector and raster data IO, interactive visualization (my favorite), file management, and analysis functionality.

The discounted book can be ordered here, and there is also a “Free Sample” icon above the book description.

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