Methods for representing geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude) including the ability to:

– Convert lat/lon strings from almost any format into a LatLon object (analogous to the datetime library’s stptime method)
– Automatically store decimal degrees, decimal minutes, and degree, minute, second information in a LatLon object
– Output lat/lon information into a formatted string (analogous to the datetime library’s strftime method)
– Project lat/lon coordinates into some other proj projection
– Calculate distance and heading between lat/lon pairs using either the FAI or WGS84 approximation
– Create a new LatLon object by offsetting an initial coordinate by a distance and heading
– Subtracting one LatLon object from another creates a GeoVector object with distance and heading attributes (analogous to the datetime library’s timedelta object)
– Adding or subtracting a Latlon object and a GeoVector object creates a new LatLon object with the coordinates adjusted by the GeoVector object’s distance and heading
– GeoVector objects can be added, subtracted, multiplied or divided

Status: Actively developed

Depends on: PyProj

Optional extensions:

Python versions: N/A

OS Platforms: N/A



Official package examples




pip install latlon


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