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HPGL stands for High Performance Geostatistics Library. HPGL is written in C++ / Python to realize some geostatistical algorithms (see full list below). The algorithms are called in Python, by executing the corresponding commands. The current version of HPGL (0.9.9) implements the following algorithms: Simple Kriging (SK); Ordinary Kriging (OK); Indicator Kriging (IK); Local Varying Mean Kriging (LVM Kriging); Simple CoKriging (Markov Models 1 & 2); Sequential Indicator Simulation (SIS); Corellogram Local Varying Mean SIS (CLVM SIS); Local Varying Mean SIS (LVM SIS); Sequential Gaussian Simulation (SGS)

Status: Abandoned

Depends on: Numpy, SciPy

Optional extensions:

Python versions: 2.5, N/A

OS Platforms: ‘Windows’, ‘Linux’



Official usage examples



Compiling from source

Binary installers



Primarily I am a social scientist and data wrangler on topics of political violence and public opinion, but I have increasingly gotten into Python programming and development, particularly focusing on geographic analysis, image rendering/drawing/visualization, and user-friendly Tkinter GUI software building.

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