Changes to the Website

I’ve been wanting to do some changes to the website for a while, and finally got the time.


The changes aren’t drastic, but the front page is now a brief welcome screen explaining what the website is about, instead of the blog post section which might have been confusing for first-time visitors, The blog posts have instead been moved to a “Latest News” page and can now be seen in the right-hand widget area.

The other big change is the category overview page accessible from the top menu. It provides a visual overview of all the categories and links to them, and with each category page now being linked to a thematic graphic.

In terms of the package listings I think it’s gotten to the point that there aren’t many more packages to add. Besides some slight changes and rewordings in the now renamed Web Services category, I have also added an open-source variety of the ESRI spatial index to the Indexing category.


And more recently, today, I finished writing a pure-Python package for QuadTree spatial indexing, as an alternative to PyRtree, which I have added to the Indexing category. Click here to read more about or try it out.


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