The Site is Growing

The number and variety in packages listed on this website, as well as the number of visitors, is growing. Thanks to the helpful suggestions and contributions of visitors and package-authors Python GIS Resources is once again updated with several new additions. The following categories have been updated:

  • Web Mapping (PyWPS, OWSLib, PyCSW,GeoNode)
  • Read/Write (PyShapefile, different from previous one)
  • Conversion (Stetl, FastKML, GpxData)
  • Indexing (QuadTree, Python-Geohash)
  • Spatial Analysis (GeoCoon)
  • Visualizing (Kartograph, Heatmap)
  • Projections (GeographicLib, UTM)

As well as an entirely new category:

  • GeoDatabases (GeoAlchemy, PPyGIS, Python-dbgis, PySpatialite)

I can also mention that I have released version 0.2.0 of my GeoVis visualizing library, which now also supports several map classification algorithms, zooming, text rendering, and point symbolizer icons.

So thanks to all and keep the suggestions coming 🙂


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